Thursday, September 29, 2011

Boys Room Updates

We promised updates of the progress in the boys' room and here's what we have so far. We're almost there, just minus some Gator valances for the windows that Miss Joan is graciously working on.

Parker found this awesome print of Tropicana Field in Target the other day which we thought went perfect with the sports theme of the boys' room - the two pennants over their closet are from the Rays. Plus this is a shot of the first home game from their World Series run a couple of years ago.

The boys' trophy shelves turned out well and we moved their names and pictures above their beds too. The Gator bulletin boards are in place, although Parker's is obscured by his Poptropica poster.

Wesley's shelf is awaiting a teeball trophy at the end of this season. He insists on having the Rays figurine on the edge of his shelf. So far he also refuses to leave anything on his bulletin board - everything there at night when he goes to sleep has usually been removed by the morning.

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