Monday, October 3, 2011

Apparently You Get What You Pay For

The other night Mommy and Wesley were laying on the bed with Miss Mary and she was washing their faces and purring and letting them pet her. In the middle of all of this, they had this conversation:

Wesley: "Did we buy Mary and Joe?"
Mommy: "We bought Mary; we adopted her from the pet store. Joe was free."
Wesley: "Mary is nice. Joe screams and growls. We should buy another Joe."

In Joe's defense he has always been a scaredy-cat ever since we brought him back home as a tiny kitten in 2002. He LOVES to be loved on, but only by the adults in our house (he sleeps in our bed most every night). But Joe has never quite adapted to the munchkins living in our house. He desperately tries to hide and stay out of their way during the day when the boys are awake and only comes out to freely roam after they go to sleep. He "screams and growls" and runs the other way if he gets trapped in a room or the hallway with one of the munchkins.

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