Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Adventures

Sunday in the late afternoon after worship, naps and some football on TV, we headed out to the Pumpkin Patch to pick our pumpkins. Like last year, we let each boy pick one and then we got a few minis and some gourds to decorate in the dining room. We'll be carving/decorating those pumpkins later this week.

We followed that up with another way to celebrate Fall - a trip to the Corn Maze! Two years ago we drove north of Ocala to the Coon Hollow Corn Maze. Last year our October was so slammed we never got a chance to go. This year we headed down to Belleview to a new place called Timberline Farms and their Corn Maze and Festival. We had a Groupon for half-off admission for the family and it worked out very well. We made three trips through the corn maze, plus the boys got a chance to jump around on the hay bales, see some of the farm animals, and take a hay ride.

There was a great big tree out in the middle of the maze that we kept running across.

And because the paths were so plentiful and things were set up so well, there were times we let Parker explore a little bit on his own. That left Wesley to be the "line leader" for Mommy and Daddy, a role he took very seriously. At every crossroad, he would sort of jump and shake his head and shout "Which way? This way!" before heading off in a direction.

The hay bales!!!!!

Checking out the animals.....

And views from the hay ride. Wesley's biggest comment was that it was a "bumpy ride!" But they liked riding around out and about.

The boys proclaimed our little adventure to be "awesome" and "cool." We're so glad that they enjoyed our family fall time together.

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Anonymous said...

And you didn''t have to call 911 to get out of the corn maze!