Sunday, October 23, 2011

Saturday Adventures

Saturday morning we were up early for a 9:00am tee-ball game in the cold weather. The boys are really enjoying this season and started to get into the action while out in the field. Wesley played second base, and Parker played third base like his hero Evan Longoria.

Afterwards, we headed down to Mommy's church. It was the women's fall bazaar, and the men had a pulled pork barbeque lunch. We wandered around for a while, then the boys ended up playing baseball with their friends out on the lawn. Mommy even pitched for a little bit. We finished up our time there with a yummy lunch before heading out to run some errands.

Later in the evening, Daddy put together our free fire pit (reward points on our credit card) and we roasted marshmellows on the back porch with the boys and taught them all about s'mores. Wesley decided he liked the marshmellows better without any marks on them from the fire! But it was a great way to end the day with them .

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