Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Growing Up

Next we will have a four year old! Where has the time gone? Not only has he learned how to ride his bike without training wheels, but Wesley has also learned to:

1. Say bedtime prayers all by himself. He insists on saying his own prayer after Bubba. He's known how to say grace for a while and often insists on saying his own prayer at the table as well.

2. Say the pledge of allegiance and the Cub Scout oath. He may not be in Scouts but he has these down cold and says them along with everyone at the beginning of each meeting.

3. Knows colors, recognizes shapes, is learning letters and numbers, specifically how to write letters and count numbers. We've been reinforcing this at home with a cool book called Brain Quest. He thinks it's an adventure to be able to do a few pages a night.

4. Has learned to write his name!!!!!!!!

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