Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Mini Vacation Part Two

We got up about 7:00am on Saturday morning and an hour later we had checked out of our hotel and were on the road to Sea World. Literally, we were the 9th car in the parking lot because technically the park wasn't open yet. But since we bought tickets to the Spooktacular Breakfast, they let us on through.

Last year we sat way in the back. This year, we were right up front. Literally, right next to the stage!

Some of the supporting characters came around before the show started and visited at each table while we were eating. Daddy and Parker really enjoyed it.

But Wesley was a different story. He totally freaked out. Ernie and Cookie Monster took some extra time to sit down near us, so they weren't so tall. Daddy scooted over with Wesley nearby and in a few minutes, Wesley had warmed up and started giving high fives. Ernie and Cookie Monster were awesome!

The the show started. A couple of songs with singing and dancing onstage. They were so close to us!

And then we got to go up on stage and meet the stars....Count von Count and Elmo!

After the meet and greet was over, we headed outside. There was a little bit of rain but not too bad. We darted across to the Pets Ahoy show to pass some time because the Halloween Spooktacular events in the park didn't start until noon.

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