Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Break - Part Four - Birthdays!

Our last day in Seffner was Saturday. Mommy took off on a run in the morning and then headed out to do some shopping at the Buckler Craft Fair with Aunt Dawn. Daddy and the boys stayed at the house and played with the cousins while Grandmommy baked and cooked and Granddaddy worked on putting up the platform for the Christmas village.

In the early afternoon the rest of the family gathered together to celebrate our November birthday boys - Wesley turns 4 on Monday and Daddy turns 38 on Tuesday. Two guesses as to who had the bigger pile of presents on the left?

Wesley picked out a Nemo cake from Grandmommy's cake book. He's swimming in an ocean of blue coconut!

Eating Nemo!

Wesley got all kinds of cool stuff including a Hot Wheels Collision Course, some new shirts and Thomas the train undies, a Thomas book, a Diego helicopter, Cars 2 on DVD, a Penguin Racing game, 5 Little Monkeys board game, the Uno Moo game, some writing tablets and pencils, and a Dinosaur memory game.

After that he still had two more presents to open from Uncle Nam and Uncle Kelly. Nam's had a message on every layer of wrapping paper....

And these cool cars designed by an architect were inside.

Then it was time for Kelly's present. There were four things in the bag and one with Daddy's name on it too. Of the four things in the bag, Wesley had to decide to give one away and trade one with Daddy and then he could keep two for himself. The first thing he opened was a box of jello. He traded with Daddy's gift for a cool box of cartoon bandaids.

The next thing he opened was a banana. He was so torn on whether or not to give it away because he loves bananas. Eventually though he gave it to Aunt Barbara. The last two things in the bag were a construction sticker book and the Handy Manny movie "Big Construction Job!"

Daddy's presents were thankfully less complicated to open, although he did have plenty of little people willing to help. He got some tiki torches for the back yard, some racks for his socket wrench sets and some Best Buy and restaurant gift cards. Daddy's cake was his all time favorite - Mounds Bar Cake.

We had a great afternoon with everyone, which was a wonderful way to finish up our Thanksgiving Break. We're also thankful that Grannie was able to get out of the rehab center where she's been for the last several weeks in order to be at Thanksgiving and our birthday celebrations.

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