Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Break - Part Three

Friday morning we slept in but still woke up in enough time to see the North Carolina crew for a bit before they headed back.

The cousins spent most of the day playing together again...a lot of outside time with the occasional break indoors. So glad we brought the boy's bikes (at Grandmommy's suggestion). Here's Wesley riding his - check out the no shoes and the "gun" tucked in his pocket.

We all had lunch together - turkey sandwiches of course. Mommy and Aunt Dawn spent some time doing some birthday shopping in the afternoon while the kids continued to play. We had more yummy leftovers for dinner about 6pm and then headed into Tampa to Curtis Hixon Park to go ice skating again!

After everyone was done skating, the kids played in the park down by the river and then we posed for a few pictures by the fountain and the kids museum.

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