Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Break - Part One

We started off our Thanksgiving break by celebrating a special birthday - our dear friend Miss Rael from Faith in Hudson turned 18 on Tuesday. Another couple from the church suggested a surprise trip to the Bern's Steakhouse Dessert Room in Tampa for Wednesday night and we were able to meet Margy Byers, as well as Rael, her boyfriend Paco and her mom Leslie there. We completely shocked Rael by standing in the foyer as she walked into Bern's!!!!

Mommy had only been to Bern's Dessert Room one other time before (about 15 years ago). It was everything she remembered and more. Daddy had the Chocolate Layer Cake Jones.

Parker had a fabulous banana split with vanilla, chocolate and chocolate mint ice cream.

Wesley had the German chocolate cake.

Mommy had the Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle with the famous Bern's Steak House Cappuccino.

And the beautiful birthday girl ordered "Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate!"

We had a wonderful time laughing and talking and visiting with one another. We're so glad we could make it to celebrate with Rael. It was so nice to see her and her mom again!


On a side note we actually saw the original owner of Bern's Steakhouse while we were waiting in the foyer for the rest of the crew to arrive. Suddenly employees swarmed the entrance and held open both sets of doors, pulled up a car to the entrance and had the engine running with all the doors open. This elderly woman was escorted out by the maitre'd, followed by two younger women. The staff called her Gert and she told them to give her compliments to the chef because the food was fabulous. It was Gert Laxer, who started the restaurant with her husband Bern in 1956. Their son runs it now.

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