Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Break - Part Two

Thanksgiving Day was different than years past but turned out to be a good day. Grandma was in Kansas visiting Aunt Mona and Uncle Roger, so we just hung out with Daryl's family all day. Uncle Bill and Aunt Bobbie were down from North Carolina and brought their granddaughter Courtney along again - all the cousins were thrilled for an extra playmate!

Mommy managed to squeeze in a 3.8 mile run in the neighborhood as well as a trip to the cemetery to see Grandpa's headstone before helping to cook this year at Grandmommy's. Grannie has been sick for the last month, so Mommy and Aunt Barbara picked up some of the dishes she made and added in some others. Mommy made carrot souffle, along with Grandma Keller's scallopped corn and a recipe of Pumpkin Pie crunch from Daddy's church.

After lunch things were pretty low key. Naps were in order for several people.

The kids played hard outside with bikes, scooters, nerf guns, and even the big blow up swimming pool/slide. Later in the evening the boys settled down to play Upwords. Wesley just filled up the board with letters, but Parker played an actual game with Grandmommy.

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