Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas Vacation - Wedding Day

Saturday morning (New Year's Eve) Grandmommy spent time wrapping a whole bunch of white roses and carnations for the archway that would be on the beach later for the ceremony. About noon she headed down to the resort to put it together. Mommy and Aunt Dawn went with her and ended up helping Aunt Jani get the wedding favors and the table decorations put together; Sarah's mom, aunt and friend came down to help as well. Later Mommy went back to help get the boys ready and Aunt Dawn and Grandmommy stayed to work on the archway (it turned out so beautifully!)

Wedding time.........

Cocktail hour around the resort pool.

It's a family talent - taking the cherry stems and turning it into a knot.

For the reception we were in the Island Ballroom....sharing table 7 with Daniel's crew. Here's the kids being introduced at the reception. Uncle Daniel was the announcer while Daddy managed the music on the computer.

Cousin Micah caught the garter.

Random shots from the reception.

After all the events of the reception were over, we helped Grandmommy take the archway apart. She and Granddaddy headed home to Seffner, and we headed back to our hotel about 9:30pm.

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