Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Vacation - Wedding Rehearsal

After touring we had just enough time to run back to the hotel, change clothes and head out for Uncle Sam and Aunt Sarah's wedding rehearsal. Unfortunately we left our invitation at home and headed out to the wrong locale - we were on the bridge TO Sanibel Island having already paid a $6 toll when Uncle Daniel called to say we were supposed to take the last road to the right before the bridge - to a resort on Sanibel Harbor!

Eventually we got to the rehearsal. Uncle Clark was the best man...Parker was the ringbearer with his cousins as flower girls....Daddy did the sound/music... and Mommy did the ceremony.

For the rehearsal dinner we went upstairs to one of the rooms in the hotel. Aunt Jani had made part of the dinner and ordered the rest. The kids were fascinated by the huge floor to ceiling windows and spent a lot of their time checking out the view.

Uncle Sam and Aunt Sarah presented all the members of the bridal party with their gifts. Parker received this very handsome cross necklace for his role as the ringbearer.

After dinner we left for our hotel. The kids had fun playing together in one room while the grownups relaxed in the other one for a while. The girls got the chance to try on their flower girl dressed one more time (check out the pajama bottoms!). Daddy and Uncle Daniel went out later to grab a special treat - Triple Chocolate Threat cake from Publix. Yummy!

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