Sunday, January 29, 2012

Clergy Kids 2012 - Getting Started

This past weekend we spent time at the Warren Willis Camp in Leesburg for our second experience at Clergy Kids Camp. On the way down we stopped in Leesburg for dinner at Osaka Japanese Steak House, where they cook at your table. This was Wesley's first time here and Parker's second. The boys seemed to really enjoy it and our chef put on a good show.

Then it was time to go check in at camp and get settled. We dropped our stuff in building 3 and headed for the recreation hall to play some fun group games before heading into our first chapel session. Our good friend Charissa Jaeger-Sanders was the worship leader for the weekend and she had all kinds of chances for people to participate in worship as well as movie clips and cool screen graphics.

Then we headed back as a family to our building. Camp had created a lounge area with sofas and chairs in the main meeting space and brought in board games and coloring stuff for the younger kids as well as a TV, DVD player and Wii.

We ended up crashing about 10:30 but it took the boys a while to unwind after all the excitement and go to sleep.

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