Monday, January 30, 2012

Clergy Kids 2012 - Saturday Fun

Saturday was our big day of fun at camp. We hiked over to the recreation hall for breakfast at 8am. On the way we walked past Barnett Lodge which is under massive renovation and expansion. Everything is set for this to be done before camp opens in June. While it was odd to be there and not be in the Lodge, we know it's a much needed upgrade to the camp. Besides in the meantime the boys were excited to see the big construction vehicles around.

The recreation hall was setup half for games and half for dining. After eating, our munchkins grabbed a soccer ball and started to kick it back and forth. Joel, the camp program director, joined right in.

The devotion benches behind the lodge had been moved between the recreation hall and the lake. We took our group photo next (we're in the back row on the left).

After devotions we walked the path of silence. The boys were climbing the tree with their new friend Nicholas from Key West. Then one of the high schoolers helped Wesley get way up in the tree.

A little bit of free time was spent out on the dock before taking the boys to their first small group meeting. The parents hung out and talked for a while in on of the buildings before picking up the kids for lunch.

Later in the afternoon we all met up in the chapel to be sent out on a great big camp wide scavenger hunt. Mommy led team 1 and Daddy led team 2.

Here's 6 of our team making a pyramid with the cross in the background - 4 points.

Playing nine square in the air - 5 points.

Making a Methodist cross and flame with team members - 3 points.

With the scavenger hunt over and the results being tabulated, Wesley got in some frisbee with his Daddy.

Then all the kids had tons of fun playing in the giant inflatable alligator obstacle course that camp had brought in and setup. They played hard for hours!

Finally during free time exhaustion set in for Wesley - he grabbed a 30 minute cat nap before dinner.

Trying to play basketball on the way to dinner!

After dinner was the camp talent show - always a lot of fun! Then they announced the scavenger hunt winner. Alas neither Mommy nor Daddy's team won. The winners got a great big grab box of candy and snacks (which they were gracious enough to share).

Then it was time for worship again. Charissa talked all about different kind of vessels and asked us to think about what kind we were.

After walking by the lake, we got back to our building about 9:30pm. It was time for the kids to have their ice cream party and movie night. They chose Madagascar and enjoyed their ice cream sundaes tremendously!

Then came time for round two of desserts - the kids had made dessert in their small group that day and Joel dropped it off for us. Some kind of dirt sundae which was good too! After moving back into our room about 11:30pm and despite all the sugar the boys crash right out.

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