Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Clergy Kids 2012 - Last Day

It was so nice to wake up at camp on Sunday morning! They fed us huge cinnamon buns and bacon for breakfast and then the kids got some game time in before devotions on the benches again. The view from the benches is a perfect place to look at lake.

Back at the path of silence.

Last small group time - several folks had already left so they were playing "Hibernation".

Our friends the Gardners from Bunnell before the last chapel.

The senior high participated in worship by singing and playing.....

As well as leading kids up to do an art project during worship.

Our theme was "Free to be me" and so here is our unique tree creation.

Mommy got to help in worship by leading communion and then it was time to say goodbye until next year. One of Mommy's friends took this picture of us...the boys weren't unhappy about camp; they were unhappy about LEAVING!

We enjoyed a lazy rest of the day at home savoring our memories up to last until next year.

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