Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fun for the Whole Family

A facebook message from one of Debbie's church members led to an interesting turn of events for our family on Saturday afternoon. They were getting rid of a large trampoline in their backyard for free. That is something we have always wanted to do for the boys (especially with this giant backyard!) but the cost has always been a prohibitive factor.

So after responding to the message and finding out more details, we drove down together as a family on Saturday afternoon to Belleview and loaded all the pieces of the trampoline into the back of the minivan. As soon as we got home we assembled it in the back yard - before we forgot all the great advice that the Davis family had given us in how to put it back together!

Daryl tested it out first and then each member of the family got their turn on our new toy.

Wesley was so exhausted after bouncing around that he took a pretty good nap. And then about 11pm this little guy came in our room asking if he could go back out and bounce some more on the trampoline! We're looking forward to lots of fun times ahead.

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