Saturday, March 10, 2012

Two Boys, Two Different Directions

This morning we had the first, of what promises to be many, scheduling conflicts in the years to come with two boys. Wesley had a tee-ball game in East Ocala at 10:00am. Parker had his Cub Scout Pack Pinewood Derby in West Ocala at 10:00am. So........

Debbie took Wesley to tee-ball; she would not have been able to fix the derby car if something happened to it!. This is his second season playing and first by himself. Parker is too old for this league and is going to be playing soccer at the YMCA starting next month. Wesley's team is the Rockies and he loves the uniforms.

The other team did not show up today, so Coach Jason divided our seven boys and one girl up into two teams to play each other. He even had them split up and sit in both dugouts. Wesley's group was out in the field first. He really paid attention this morning and did great in fielding and throwing the ball.

He also got two hits at the tee for each of the two innings. He seems to be one of only a couple on the Rockies who have played before and he can really whack the ball off of the tee hard.

Daryl took Parker to the Ed Croskey Recreation Center for his Pack Pinewood Derby. The Wolves Den was supposed to race at 10:00am but because the Tiger Den took so long, it was 10:20 before he got checked in and 10:30 before the races started. Parker raced three times - once in each lane. His times? Race 1 - 2.889 for a first place finish. Race 2 - 2.902 for a first place finish. Race 3 - 2.890 for a first place finish.

So he won another trophy today for his first place finish in the Wolves Den!!!!!

Here's all the Wolves with their den leader and all their various awards. Debbie and Wesley made it in time to see Parker in this picture.

Parker will advance to the District Pinewood Derby for the Wolves on the last Saturday of this month somewhere in Ocala. We'll keep you posted. In the meantime, check out the trophy shelf in the boys' room.

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