Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Superhero Moving Up

Here's our little superhero! Last week he decided to pull his Halloween costume out of the closet and insisted on wearing it all around the house and in the van on the way to pick up dinner.

Wesley has had some changes at school in the past week. Last Thursday was his last day in the "3s" classroom at Carousel. Remember that was a modified VPK setting for him to help get him ready because his birthday held him back from being in VPK for this school year. But he's one of the oldest (and biggest) kids in the class and lately he's been a bit bored. A spot came open in one of the official VPK classes and so last Friday morning Wesley began attending the real VPK class with Mrs. Joey. It doesn't count against him for next year's real VPK enrollment but will hopefully keep him challenged. He is working on the classwork alongside the other kids and has homework - they aren't as concerned about his "grades" so much as the practice he is receiving. His homework? He has four nights to complete two letter worksheets (on the letter E), has to be read to for 10 minutes every night and is working on a family timeline project that is due April 23 (this includes a posterboard and then he has to explain it in class). For now he is very excited to do his homework like his big brother!

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