Friday, April 6, 2012

District Pinewood Derby Results

Last Saturday, Parker raced in the District Pinewood Derby. It was held in the lobby of the Honda dealership here in Ocala. He and Daryl went to checkin at 10am while Debbie and Wesley went to the tee-ball field for pictures. Graciously the Charles and Eunice Reid met Debbie at the field and were with Wesley for his tee-ball game so that Debbie could join the big boys for the races.

There were 33 cars racing in the Wolves division and they raced in four heats - so that each car could race in one of the four lanes on the track and then the scores were averaged out. When all the results were tabulated, Parker's name was announced as the 3rd place district winner! His time was 2.6883 seconds. He was so excited to go up and get another trophy!

Because he placed at Districts, Parker's car will race again on Saturday, April 28th in Jacksonville. This will be the North Florida Councilwide Derby. After all of the age groups race separately, those who placed top 5 in each age group will race again in the overall Championship.

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