Monday, May 7, 2012

Busy, Busy

The past few days have been a whirlwind of busyness. Friday night both Debbie and Daryl starting having allergy/sinus troubles which messed with our voices. Debbie spent Saturday at a financial conference in Lakeland with four members of her Finance Committee. In the middle of that she got a call from Consulate Rehab that Grandma had been moved back to the hospital. At first they thought she was just dehydrated- then they realized she had blood clots in her right leg and in both her lungs. Thankfully Grandmommy was able to go sit with Grandma and talk to all the doctors. Debbie got a lay speaker to cover church for Sunday and was back in Brandon while Grandma had surgery to insert and IVC filter into a main artery in her abdomen to prevent any more clots in the leg from traveling to her lungs or other vital organs. This is apparently a complication of the breast cancer - the disease causes the blood to clot more easily. Grandma did well with the surgery and should be moved today from ICU to a regular room so she can start leg therapy again. She will need to be monitored at the hospital for a few more days before going back to Consulate. We are trying to shift around her appointments from Moffitt for this week until another time. Daryl had a visit on Sunday from his good buddy Jonathan who drove down from Jacksonville to go to church at Druid Hills. And then he helped out playing "Uncle Jon" to the boys while Daryl did all of his pastor stuff after church - there was a welcome reception after church for his new music director. So that's what is happening around our house. Hoping things slow down a bit soon so we can catch our breath.

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