Thursday, June 21, 2012

Field Trip Fun

On Tuesday of this week these two went on field trips through camp and school.

Parker went on perhaps what is his favorite camp field trip of the year - Wild Waters! 
They had great weather and spent almost six hours there.
Add that in to the three trip he gets this week to the YMCA pool and he's a very happy kid.

Wesley went on his very FIRST ever field trip through Carousel. 
Four very brave adults (including the owners) took nineteen kids to the
 Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo in Gainesville. He was well-behaved and had a great time!

The thing that made the biggest impression on him besides the bus ride was something called a tree kangaroo whose baby popped its head out of mommy's pouch while all the kids watched. 

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Larry said...

Wow the boys are having a great summer this year!