Saturday, June 30, 2012

North Carolina Family Reunion - Monday

Monday was a nice relaxing day. We slept in and just stayed around the house. The boys helped Uncle Bill bring in some produce from the garden and then we hung out by the water.

Mid-morning we all piled on the pontoon boat for a leisurely boat ride on Lake Wylie, going up and around several little inlets and checking out the houses. 


We came back home for lunch and then the kids played in the water for a while. When Sean got off work and joined us, the younger generations headed out for a trip to the sandbar and some swimming and Seadoo fun. 

Parker finally was brave enough to ride the Seadoo around the sandbar area with CJ driving. So on the way back from the sandbar, it was Parker riding with both Mom and Dad. We had a great time!

When we got back, we had just enough time to change clothes and load up our van before dinner. The rest of the family was staying until Wednesday, but we were leaving Monday night to break up the trip and get us home on Tuesday night. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner and then said our goodbyes. When this little guy realized we were leaving, he curled up with Grandmommy. And as we were leaving the cousins were waving bye from the upstairs window.

 The boys did well in the van and were pretty sleepy from the day's activities, so we drove from 8:45pm until 12:45 and made it to the Holiday Inn Express in Hardeeville, SC - just 8 miles from the Georgia border. Even though tropical storm Debby was around, we had no rain this night until we parked our van at the hotel.

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