Sunday, July 1, 2012

North Carolina Family Reunion - Tuesday

Tuesday morning we slept in a bit, but were up and dressed and downstairs by 9am so that we could grab some breakfast. The boys were fascinated by the machine that the Holiday Inn had which made 2 pancakes in 2 minutes. After eating, Parker hung out watching TV waiting on the rest of us.


When we went back up to our room to grab our stuff, Parker spotted this deer through our window. We watched for several minutes as the deer munched its way along the hillside.

Thirty minutes later we arrived in Savannah, Georgia. This was how Debbie wanted to celebrate her birthday - she had not been here since visiting with her Girl Scout troop in high school - she wanted to take her guys on a walking tour of the historic city.

Our first stop was to walk down along the riverfront. Looking behind us we saw the huge bridge we came over into town.

The World War 2 Memorial - called "A World Apart." It was really beautiful. 

Statue dedicated to Savannah's waving girl. She stood out along the water waving bye to the ship captains everyday for 44 years.

The 1996 Olympic torch marker - the torch was lit here because of the yachting events which took place in Savannah.

The boys decided to climb up a cool looking set of stairs at the end of the riverwalk which led up to a park. There we found the old Harbor Light, some old anchors and a statue dedicated to an early doctor in Savannah.


Next we wandered down through some of the pretty squares. There were lots of sights to take in, like these gas lamps in front of a hotel and the horse-drawn carriage rides happening around us.

Of course some of the architecture was pretty amazing as well. We stopped along Columbia Square and saw these two beautiful houses.


Next stop was Reynolds Square with a statue commemorating John Wesley. We were such good Methodists - last year for Debbie's birthday we toured John Wesley sites in London and this year we visited some in Savannah!



We started walking again and this time we were headed to just south of Wright Square for the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouts.

Wesley's church, Trinity Methodist, had moved since its origins but we found the newer one along Telfair Square and got some pictures there as well. 


We headed back to grab our car from the Visitor's Center, which used to be the train depot. The boys loved the trains in the parking lot.

We tried to eat lunch at Paula Deen's restaurant downtown, called the Lady and Sons. After waiting 15 minutes in line to put our name in with the seating hostess, we were told that they could fit us in two hours later at 2:30! We decided to skip it and hit the road instead.

Wesley was asleep before we were 10 minutes down the road. It rained pretty much the whole way home for the next four hours, but was never anything more than a slow steady rain fortunately. When Wesley woke up we grabbed cheeseburgers and fries from a McDonalds and kept on going. We made it home a little after 5pm and there was no rain in Ocala anymore. We had time to unload the van and unpacked before meeting up with the Reids for dinner. June 26th is their daughter Christy's birthday but she was in Mississippi - so we all met up at Grace Japanese Steakhouse to celebrate Debbie's 36th birthday. 

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