Monday, July 16, 2012

Family Sunday

Yesterday we had Micah with us still. He went to church with Debbie and the boys in Belleview for Sunday school and worship. Then the kids pigged out at the fellowship time on snacks! We drove up to Druid Hills to see Daryl and met up with Adam. After pigging out on more snacks (birthday cake for our summer intern), all four boys snuck up the backyard to play on the trampoline for a while. By the time Debbie got ours officially home and Daryl went to do his rehab service, no one was hungry!

The boys spent the afternoon was spent playing video games. About 4pm, despite a little rain outside, we headed out to the Greenway trails again. This time we had the boys bring their scooters and we had an extra one for Micah. It drizzled a bit at first, but it was nice and cool along the way. A couple of minor wipeouts from scooters on the wet paved trails, but no wounds thankfully that even needed a bandaid.

Afterwards it was home for leftover tacos and brownie sundaes from the night before. And then all the guys settled in to watch a movie in the living room. Wesley was the first to fall asleep but the rest of them finished the movie and caught a little more videogame time before heading off to bed.

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