Monday, July 2, 2012

Grandma Update

After the ct scan last week Grandma was given permission to schedule her hip surgery for last week. However after more consideration and consultation it was decided to wait. While the blood clots have shrunk some, the internal medicine doctor would prefer she have three months of Coumadin before surgery since one of her lung clots was pretty massive. And while it has been a little over eleven weeks since her right leg surgery things are not healing as fast as "normal" given the amount of disease that was in the bone. She would have ended up as she put it "with no leg to stand on." In the meantime though she went ahead with the one radiation treatment she needed for the right leg last week and will soon be undergoing the four or five radiation treatments she needs for the left hip.

Today Grandma went back to Moffitt for more bloodwork, her 2nd monthly infusion, an MRI as well as a checkup with the bone doctor. She had been having a lot of knee pain since her therapy session last Thursday and wanted to check to see how things were in there. Apparently her arthritis has flared back up, so the doctor gave her a cortisone shot to help with that. This process is frustratingly slow especially for Grandma.  Please keep her in your prayers.

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