Thursday, August 9, 2012

Beach Highlights

Instead of the usual play by play of each day, we decided to hit the highlights of our wonderful week.
1. Breakfast. As mentioned before every day Daryl cooked. A hot meal. By himself. And he cleaned up too. It was fantastic! The first day we had waffles (brought the waffle maker with us). Then we had french toast. Wednesday was homemade sausage gravy over biscuits. Then cinnamon rolls. Friday we had waffles again and Saturday we finished up with more french toast. He's decided to make this a regular Saturday treat at home. Whoo hoo!

2. Swimming. Parker worked on his swim strokes in the pool (breaststroke and backstroke in particular). And Wesley learned how to swim without any help at all! He started with a lifejacket on for day one and had moved beyond it by day two. By the end of the week both boys were diving to the bottom of the pool (Wesley shallow, Parker deep end) for the dive rings we had bought at Publix.


3. Walks along the beach.  Wednesday Parker's hat was swept away in the water at the beach. Later Debbie and Parker went walking along the shore to see if they could find it. No luck, but some nice bonding time...and they spotted a few sea turtle nests.


Thursday we went on a family hike down to the Point of Rocks. This is the monstrosity that was built where our old friend Sea Castle used to be. It's been seven years since we last stayed there but it's still hard to get used to seeing this instead. At least the boys had an awesome time climbing along the sea wall and the rocks.

4. Some really great food. Besides the Sweet Tomatoes that the boys insisted we eat at twice (because they could make their own hot fudge brownie sundaes for dessert), we got to try some old favorites and a few new places too.

Cheeburger, Cheeburger (with fried macaroni and cheese wedges)

Captain Curt's Crab and Oyster Bar (where the kid's plates double as frisbees!)

Salty Dog Cafe - Amazing beer-battered, deep fried hot dogs!


Last morning we ate for the first time at Dutch Valley for breakfast on the way out of town and the boys loved the Mickey Mouse pancakes. 

4. Brother time. The boys often chilled out with us watching TV and a couple of nights they built a fort with Daryl in the living room. They would stock it with snacks and drinks in a small cooler and plenty of toys as well as sleeping bags and pillows!

5. Visits with friends. We got to spend Friday with our good friends the Holdens who came up from Fort Myers to spend some time. We spent time at the beach and at the pool. Later on we went to dinner in the Villages to our all-time favorite place - Daiquiri Deck again - and topped it off with a visit to Big Olaf for some HUGE ice cream cones!

So there you go. A fabulous time was had by all!!
And of course we made our reservation for 2013 before we left.

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