Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Why We Love the Beach

This was the view from our backporch. 


This is why we always go to Siesta Key Beach...perfection! 


Our routine? Sleep in. Wake up. Start the coffeepot and Daryl made breakfast. Watch the Olympics. Put on the swimsuits, slather on the sunscreen and make our way down to the beach. Park the beach chairs at the water's edge, open up the sunshades, sit and read for a while as the boys played in the water and sand. Swim in the water as a family. Wander up to the pool about 2pm. Swim, float, duck the boys with their water guns, swim some more. Get showers, get a snack, watch more Olympics, take a nap. Get dressed and go get dinner. Crash on the couch and watch more Olympics. Go to bed.

Repeat every day. 
Plus, we didn't check email or even facebook.

While Tropical Storm Debby from June did have some effects in rearranging the shoreline and bringing up a lot of seaweed, we still had a wonderful time. No rain or bad weather at all.


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