Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Week of 3rd Grade


That is the word that characterizes Parker's first week of Third Grade. 

Not because of anything he is doing in class, but how he is getting back and forth to class. 

Parker is now riding his bike back and forth to school 




He specifically asked if he could.
Daryl and I discussed it. 

There are three schools along the road and Parker's is the last.....
8/10ths of a mile down the street from our house. 
The sidewalks are wide, designed for walkers and bike riders. 
There's a crossing guard in front of the school to help before and after. 
He's capable and responsible. 
But how would we know he had made it safely? 

Enter the cell phone. 

After we picked him up from the first day of school, we went to Target and bought a cheap TracFone
A text message counts as 1/3 of a minute. 
He is responsible for texting Daryl when he gets to school after locking his bike in the rack. 
He is responsible for texting Daryl when he leaves school and heads to Druid Hills UMC.

So far so good. 
And that smile? 

He is so proud of being able to do this all by himself. 

And we are proud of him.

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