Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Fur Balls

Last Friday afternoon, Debbie and Parker took the resident fur balls on a little adventure. 
They didn't really care for it though. 
They haven't been in their cat carriers since 2009. 
You know, the year we took them to get declawed one week before we moved them to Ocala. 

But we discovered that Marion County requires pets to have a county license and a rabies vaccine. 
The County Animal Services provides a rabies clinic in the afternoons from 2-3pm. 
The shots are only $10 then and the license is just $5. 

So  Debbie managed to get them loaded up and they howled in unison the whole way there. 
When we arrived, we realized that Mary had had an accident in her carrier. 
She stunk to high heaven. 

Fortunately, the kind volunteer behind the counter was gracious about it and 
helped try to clean out the carrier. 
The cats got their shots and their licenses and 30 minutes later we were once again headed home. 

That's when the real FUN started! 

Mary needed a bath.
She hasn't had one of those in years either.

So Debbie held the Mary down in the tub, while Parker used the spray hose. 
Lather up with soap, then rinse, rinse, rinse. 

Mary was less than thrilled about the bath and the drying off. 
But she tolerated it ok and then went off to sulk in the master bedroom. 
 Sporting her new collar, complete with bell and tag.

We'll see how long it lasts. 
The previous one lasted just three days before she chewed it off and deposited it in Debbie's recliner.

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