Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Officially in VPK!

Tonight was VPK Orientation for Wesley at Carousel Early Learning Center
(or as he still calls it, horsey school - because of the horses on the logo)

He is super excited to officially be in VPK now and thrilled because he got the teacher that he wanted!

Miss Louisa was Wesley's very first daycare teacher when he started in the toddler room 
at First UMC Ocala's Preschool back in the summer of 2009. When we switched centers in 2010,
we were delighted to find Miss Louisa already employed at Carousel when we visited there. 



Wesley at his table and in his seat. 

 When we checked out the job chart for the first day, we were tickled to see that the doubly blessed preacher's kid got the job of prayer leader!!!!! (upper right corner)

We got Wesley's supply list and headed off to Target to pick up all the supplies he needed. The learning guidelines have apparently changed a lot since Parker was in VPK and we found out that not only will Wesley have homework every night but that by Christmas he will be having spelling tests on sight words. At least he won't be bored! 

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