Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer's Crowning Achievement

Today started the last week of YMCA summer camp. For three summers now, Parker has been attending camp and swimming with them on average of 3 times a week. The first summer we paid extra for several weeks so that he could have swim lessons.

There are three levels of swimmers at the YMCA pool indicated by the wristband you receive after your weekly Monday swim test:

Red - means you can't really swim at all. Only allowed access to the kids splash zone that is less than a foot deep.

Yellow - means you can swim ok. Allowed access to splash zone AND the shallow end of the big YMCA pool.

Green - means you can swim very well and have demonstrated an ability to do four different swimming strokes, tread water and hold your breath underwater. Allowed access to splash zone, shallow end AND deep end o the pool (where the swimming lanes are).

Out of 24 weeks of camp over 3 years Parker has spent about 3 weeks at red, 20 weeks at yellow and has now finally hit the green phase!

He is so proud and we are too! 

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