Sunday, October 14, 2012

T-Ball Coach

Saturday was Wesley's first t-ball game of the season.
We're 2 weeks late starting so they are only playing 6 games. 

Last week was supposed to be an organizational meeting and meet the coach time.
Wesley's coach did not show up. 

Daryl took home the roster and we communicated with the team about this past weekend's game. 

We never heard from the coach.
When game time arrived yesterday, we found out the coach had quit. 

Seven little boys needed someone to pull things together - four of them had never played t-ball before. 

Daryl jumped in to the rescue and headed things up with the boys on the field. 
A couple of the other dads pitched in and were base coaches. 
Parker served as the catcher and bat boy. 
Debbie and the moms covered the dugout and helped the kids get lined up and switch out their equipment. 

So we have no pictures of the game. 

we do have the equipment bag and the tee in the back of the van.

Because Daryl, along with one of the other dads, have signed up to be the coaches. 
 Wesley is so excited to have his daddy out there! 

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