Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wesley Update

We took Wesley to Shands in Gainesville Thursday to see a pediatric surgeon about the bump on the back of his left knee.

Dr. Islam and his staff took their time with us and were very gracious. He feels that the original diagnosis of a Baker's cyst is correct, although unusual in someone of Wesley's age. Because it has receded in size a bit since July and because Wesley does not have any pain, Dr. Islam feels that we should not operate but wait and see. Always refreshing when a surgeon doesn't think he should cut! He feels there is a good chance that given time, it might even go away on its own. So we have a follow up appointment in six months. If we have any issues between now and then, we can head back sooner.

Wesley got a great big Superman sticker for his trouble and we took the boys for an early dinner at a great new-to-us Mexican place called Chuy's in Gainesville.

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