Monday, November 12, 2012

End of the Season

Last Saturday was the end of Wesley's t-ball season. Following our final game, we headed over to the park at Jervey Gantt for a party. We brought cupcakes and some of the other parents brought pizza, cookies, chips and drinks. But before they could dig into the food, Daryl got to hand out all of the trophies.

They tore into the food after the trophy presentation and then spent a ton of time running all around the playground. Several of the parents complimented Daryl and Coach Rodney on a great season and asked if they planned to coach again in the spring.

Parker finished up his baseball season last Thursday night but they waited to do the trophy presentation and party until tonight because the head coach was out of town last week. The Rangers finished up in second place with an 8-2 record. Since their team sponsor was Subway, the team had platters of 6-inch subs to chow down on plus other snacks. And since all of the coaches are managers at Publix, we had an awesome cupcake cake. Ignore the smudge - the boys were playing football before the food and someone threw it right into the cake box. The coach said something nice about each player's improvement through the season as they received their trophy. 

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