Saturday, November 10, 2012

Riding the Highs and Lows

Thursday afternoon, Parker called Daryl on his way home from school. 
There was a lot of commotion in the background.
Parker was calm though and speaking clearly: 
"Dad, I got hit." 

Daryl was out the door and halfway to the school as fast as he could go. 

In crossing one of the intersections on his way home, Parker saw a truck stopped at the corner that seemed to be staying put. That side street ends on an incline though and the driver couldn't see Parker over the front end of his truck. Parker rode into the crosswalk and then the truck moved forward and tapped him knocking him over.

Thankfully the driver stayed as did a couple of other witnesses. Someone called the cops, and soon not only were the police on the scene but also a fire truck and an ambulance. The boys' babysitter Miss Kelly who works at Parker's school drove by and called the school. Then the assistant principal and one of Parker's PE coaches came out to be with Parker and Daryl also. Several friends from Daryl's church and Wesley's school saw and texted messages to find out what was going on.

The paramedics checked Parker out and said he looked fine. He had small scrapes on his left knee, left side of his face and his right elbow. Some bent brakes on the bike, but Daryl fixed that right up. Daryl brought Parker home and the big boy felt well enough that night to play his last baseball game. We are so thankful that he was ok and so thankful for how well everyone cared for and responded to Parker.

Friday morning it was cold. We gave Parker the option of being a car rider or riding his bike. After some initial hesitation, he decided to ride. He was cautious and careful but we were so proud of him for getting back out there again.

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