Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Light Up Ocala

Last Saturday afternoon we participated in another family tradition designed to ring in the holidays...... 
The Light Up Ocala Parade

They changed the route all around and expanded things this year. 
As always the boys had fun the most fun entertaining themselves prior to marching. 

Our guys all lined up and ready to go. 


We were so close to the end of the parade route that the big guy himself was close behind us!

Being goofy at the end of the parade route. 
This is our wonderful Cubmaster Kelsey; 
she and Debbie went for pedicures in the morning before the parade time. 

Family pic

We wandered around the square for a while afterwards and checked out the vendors.
There's no ferris wheel this year, so they moved the tree over to the empty lot and used the square
for a concert.

We found the Soccer Collie booth again and both boys got their chance to get in the goal and play. 

We finished up our time downtown with dinner at a new-to-us restaurant we
noticed during the parade - Brick City Cafe. 

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