Friday, November 2, 2012

Wesley, Wesley

Just want to take a minute to brag on the youngest and share about him. 

Since his amazing week of "Super Spartan" purple power at school for behavior, he has received Super Power 3 more times. Woot!

He also got another 100 on his second test about letters and numbers. Then he got a 100 on the cumulative review test. That means he can identify everything they've studied so far (numbers, capital and lowercase letters) and write them as well. Woot, woot!

And last week he wore his Batman costume to school and had the privilege of participating in a costume parade. There is a nursing home across the street from the preschool, so all of the VPK classes walked across the street and walked up and down the hallways waving to the residents. Then they got goody bags!

Life is very, very good right now as he closes out this year of being four!

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