Monday, December 10, 2012

First "Family" Picture

So the hardest part of the last few months for the boys about the adoption stuff
was keeping it to themselves. 
We wanted to wait until we were further along in the process before broadcasting it to the entire world. 

Two days after we first told the boys about the adoption,
Daryl went to pick up Wesley from Carousel. 

He motioned to Daddy that he had something to show him - 
a picture that was folded up in his cubby. 

That is supposed to be our house, with windows in the middle. 
You can see into our house with the people and the animals. 

On the bottom right corner are the two cats.
In the top right corner are Mommy and Daddy
And down the left hand side are THREE little boys. 

He had included his new baby brother already in a family picture. 

He was SO sweet about it and quick to tell Daddy 
that he had not told anyone who the extra person was! 

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