Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Celebrating Heritage and Culture

There's a great website called "Scarlet Threads." 

This group markets handmade items from women throughout rural Asia and Uganda 
to help them support their families. 

We purchased a set of Christmas ornaments for our tree, 
made by a woman living in China. 

Six ornaments with the Chinese words for hope, faith, love, joy, family and blessing. 
The boys had fun learning what the symbols meant and finding places on our tree to hang them up.  

We may not have our boy home for the holidays, 
but we are already starting to find ways to incorporate him and his heritage into our family. 

Our last couple of trips to the library have also included lots of books about China and culture. All on their own, the boys started asking for things that they could read. It's been fun laying down with them at night and looking at maps and reading about China and its landmarks and festivals. 

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