Friday, December 21, 2012

Spinning Christmas Tree and Other Sacred Moments

This season we haven't been rushing around from one thing to the other like we typically do at Christmas. We determined that this year we would take the season a bit slower and really enjoy the moments that came our way. And there have been some really good moments...............

Debbie and the boys decorated the house for Christmas and the boys completely decorated the pre-lit tree in the man cave. We bought this tree from K-Mart for 50% off after Christmas last year. We brought it home and stored in the garage for this Christmas. When they set the tree up, there was much shouting and excitement from the man cave - this tree spins! Now Debbie had always wanted a spinning tree, but those seemed out of reach price wise. Apparently she never even saw the wording about the rotating stand on the box. The boys LOVE to lay out on the futon in this room in the dark and watch the lighted tree spin.

Parker took $20 of his allowance money that he had saved up and went shopping at the school's Penguin Patch for presents for the family. He spent time one night this week wrapping everyone's gifts and using almost an entire roll of tape in making towers of the presents. From left to right is a tower for Wesley, Daddy and Mommy and then something for the whole family together in the bag. He had an awesome time shopping AND wrapping this year, all on his own.

On Wednesday morning this week, Daryl and the boys got some special together time picking fruit at a church member's house. Every year a crew from Druid Hills goes to Mr. Joe's house to pick all the excess fruit to donate to a ministry here in Ocala.

So our Christmas season hasn't included a trip to the mall or the downtown square to see Santa Claus
or some of the other events that we usually rush around to squeeze in. But we have celebrated the season by finding meaning and purpose in the moments we have available to us. And it has been full and rich in a much more satisfying way. 

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