Monday, December 31, 2012

Year In Review

2012 was another memorable year in the Allen Household.......

* Daryl is approved as an elder by the Board of Ordained Ministry
* Clergy Kids weekend at camp 

* Surprise visit from Daryl's great-uncle Wade Sparks, his wife Kathleen, daughter Lisa and son-in-law John David
* Parker reads Scripture for Scout Sunday at DHUMC
* Overnight trip to Hollywood Studios/EPCOT in Orlando for President's Day
* Grandma comes to Ocala for Parker's Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet

* We go Zipping the Canyons for the first time in Ocala
* Chaperone Parker's school field trip to Silver Springs
* Sports - Wesley plays tee-ball
* Parker wins two trophies at Cub Scout Pack Pinewood Derby
* Spring Break Cruise on the Carnival Destiny to Bahamas and Grand Turk
* Parker turns 8!

* Parker wins 3rd place at District Pinewood Derby
* DHUMC's Easter Tableau
* Celebrating Easter and Parker's birthday in Seffner
* Grandma Keller breaks her leg and has surgery
* Sports - Parker plays soccer 
* Visit with the Wrights in Jacksonville for Parker's Council Pinewood Derby

* Grandma Keller diagnosed with breast cancer, moved to rehab, has surgery to put in a blood clot filter
* Overnight trip to Orlando for Memorial Day

* Trip to Lakeland for Annual Conference - Daryl gets ORDAINED!!!!!!
* Grandma Keller comes home from rehab and starts radiation round 1
* Summer camp field trips - Parker to Wild Waters, Wesley to zoo in Gainesville
* Caravan Road Trip to North Carolina with Grandmommy, Grandaddy and Uncle Daniel's crew for Sparks Family Reunion (Daryl's side of the family) 
* Debbie turns 36!

* July 4th at the Drive in Movie Theater in Ocala
* Night Tour of Zip the Canyons in Ocala
* Mommy and Daddy celebrate their 13th anniversary!
* Tubing down the Rainbow River with cousin Micah and family friend Adam Slade
* Grandma goes back to work part-time and starts radiation round 2
* Sports - Basketball at the YMCA for both boys
* Summer camp field trips - Parker to Rainbow River, Wesley to Florida Aquarium
* Parker gets braces
* Decide to officially start the adoption process for child #3

* Siesta Key Family Beach Vacation
* Visit from the Raskovichs in Ocala
* Start adoption homestudy process
* Day Trip to Sea World with Grandmommy and Granddaddy
* Back to School - Parker 3rd grade at South Ocala and Wesley VPK at Carousel
* Trip to Seffner to celebrate Grandma's birthday

* The Wrights visit for Labor Day weekend
* Daryl's first Courage to Lead retreat
* Grandma gets a good update from Moffitt
* Adoption Homestudy finished

* Debbie goes to Leadership Retreat at CORUMC in Kansas and visits Uncle Roger and Aunt Mona
* DHUMC Pumpkin Patch Fun!
* Move the boys rooms' around to accomodate child #3 - see Davis' file for the first time
* Sports - Parker plays Rookie Baseball at Rotary Sportsplex, Wesley plays tee-ball with Daryl as the coach
* Trip through the local Corn Maze
* Trunk N Treat at BUMC as the Justice League

* DHUMC's Block Party
* Get fingerprinted by USCIS for adoption and get their approval
* Cub Scout Pack marches in Light Up Ocala Parade
* Wesley turns 5!
* Submit Letter of Intent to China to adopt Davis
* Daddy turns 39!

* Receive Preliminary Approval from China to adopt Davis and dossier is sent to China
* South Ocala Frosty Festival and Singing Yellow Jackets Christmas concert
* Grandma does radiation round 3
* BUMC Christmas Drive Thru
* Christmas vacation to Seffner and Orlando (Wonderworks, Monkey Joe's, EPCOT, ICE and Legoland)

We're looking forward with great anticipation to 2013 and all it will bring
as we follow the Lord's calling on our hearts in ministry and to adoption.
Praying that 2013 will be a wonderful year for each of you
as you follow the Lord as well.

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