Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Vacation - Downtown Disney

The day after Christmas everyone slept in! 
Later the cousins came up to play, have some lunch and then it was time for cousin exchange. 

Micah got a gift card for his Kindle, the girls got nail polish kits and our boys received
more cool Skylanders from their cousins.

In the afternoon we loaded up the van and headed to Orlando. 
This time we stayed in the Hawthorne Suites by Sea World. 
After checking in, we headed for Downtown Disney. 
It was pretty packed but we found a new walkup service restaurant to eat at called Bodie's All American.
Then we did a little shopping and LOT of pin trading.  

We usually only hang out on the East Side of Downtown Disney. 
But since Daryl could only find a parking spot at the very end of the Disney West Side, 
we had a whole new area to explore as we walked back to our car later

The pins we traded for. 
We had a whole bag of miscellaneous pins we picked up on Ebay last year. 
Parker's stash is first, followed by Wesley and Debbie just did one trade. 
Most of them were cast member exclusives that we received, with the "hidden Mickey" symbols on them.

On the way back to the hotel, we decided to call an "audible" for the morning.
We had passes to Aquatica, but since a couple of us were having ear problems and sore throats we decided to skip it and just hang out on I-Drive. 

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