Thursday, January 3, 2013

An Extra Christmas Present

We have LID! 

Well, not the kind you use on pots and pans, but the adoption related kind! 

Yesterday we received a call from Stephanie at Lifeline letting us know that we had reached the next milestone in our adoption journey - we have LID, which stands for Log-In Date. This means that our dossier has been officially received and logged in to the CCCWA's system for translation and processing.

The average wait from DTC to LID is 30 days. We were DTC on December 6th. We were a bit concerned because the CCCWA stopped accepting dossiers from December 20-January 1 while they changed over to a new log-in system. But apparently they were still processing ones that had already been received during the change-over.

This next stage usually takes between 60-90 days. Then we will receive an official Letter of Acceptance (LOA) that we have to sign and send back - then Davis will be officially ours! (Remember, right now we just have PA or preliminary approval). But this keeps us on track with our timeline goal of traveling in June to bring Davis home before his 3rd birthday.

The best part of the phone call was finding out that we were actually LID on December 24th! 
That's a very special Christmas present that we didn't even know about at the time. 
Just think as we were both preparing to lead Christmas Eve worship here, 
someone in China was handling our file with all of our information and logging it into their system.
And the bonus is that we are already 10 days into our wait for LOA without even realizing it. 

But really it's no surprise to us that God continues to work and bring these milestones about in our process, 
even when we don't know right away what is happening. 
There are lots of unknowns and things beyond our control, but as we continue to follow God's calling there remains a strong sense of peace for both Daryl and I that we are right where God wants us to be. 

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