Thursday, January 10, 2013

Merry Christmas To Us

Several months ago Daryl and I started talking and we realized that we wanted to do something different for our Christmas with each other. Instead of buying a bunch of stuff that we didn't really need, we decided to buy ourselves something that we needed AND wanted - a new bed. We pooled our Christmas money and some anniversary cash from the summer we had tucked away. We also upgraded from a queen to a king - the kids often end up with us and with bringing another little guy home this year we knew that we needed more space. We told our families the plan before Christmas, so some of our gifts reflected what they knew was coming; Daryl's parents bought us a comforter set that matched the colors of our bedroom and my mom bought us two great sets of king size sheets  (higher thread count than we've ever had). The frame came from Ikea and Daryl put it together on Thursday night last week.  The mattress came from Kane's through a great New Year's Day sale and was delivered last Friday. 

So here's the finished product. 

The verdict? 
It sleeps so much better than our old mattress that 
we should have "Merry Christmas'ed" ourselves a few years ago! 

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