Saturday, January 12, 2013

Moving Day

Another part of the process of this adoption has been preparing a place in our home to welcome our youngest son. When we first moved here, Parker and Wesley shared a room with a loft bed setup and the other smaller bedroom was used for a toy room. Later we got rid of the loftbed and added twin beds from IKEA. 

In October of 2012, we began turning the toy room into a bedroom for Parker. First I got a new bookcase from IKEA to store my scrapbooking stuff in our bedroom. That freed up the hall closet for board games and art supplies from the toy room. Then I cleaned out the top of my closet and moved all of the gift wrapping items and some other miscellaneous keepsakes into there. Next up we got rid of some toys and moved some toys into the other bedroom. Finally we purchased a new bed, mattress, desk, bookcase and dresser for Parker from IKEA. Daryl took out the shelves from the closet and put in a hanging rod for clothes. 

The bookcase? Well that's a whole story in itself. We were originally going to get a smaller one (4 cubes x 4 cubes) for $100. Then we found this one in perfect condition in the as-is section at IKEA (one of the boxes had some damage from shipping). This bookcase retails for $200 and we got it for $98. 

Daryl and Wesley assembled it that very night in the living room. Only it was so big it would not go down the hallway and turn into the bedroom. So we took it apart in two sections. Unfortunately, I dropped the top section. Three shelves were broken and a bunch of the wooden pegs that hold the whole thing together were toast. We went back to IKEA the next day to pick up spare parts from the as-is department. Only they didn't have three white shelves - just one and then two fire engine red ones. So we got those and the pegs and came home. Daryl reworked it to put the red shelves in the middle like they were part of the design from the beginning. And when we bought Parker's desk we picked up red legs so that they would coordinate.

Here's the end result in the other bedroom. This picture was taken for our dossier back in November, but since then we have finished things off and added the details on Davis' shelf. 

So in addition to the space we have made in our hearts already for our newest family member, we now have space waiting here in the house for Davis to call his own. 

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