Friday, February 22, 2013

Grandma - Update from Moffitt

My mom Ellen Keller, or Grandma as she is known around here, made three trips to Moffitt this past week. Tuesday she went back to see the surgeon that we visited with last summer. Dr. Khakpour ordered a breast MRI for next Tuesday in order to see what's happening internally before making a decision about future surgery.

Thursday, Grandma went to see the orthopedic doctor at Moffitt about the pain that she continues to have in her right hip. In order to determine what might be causing the pain, he ordered an MRI of her back, pelvis and hips for March the 6th. Finally she went back in today for her monthly infusion treatment.

We would appreciate your continued prayers for her, especially that they can find the source of her hip pain and do something to help alleviate it. 

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