Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sight and Spell

This week Wesley received a new teacher for VPK at Carousel Early Learning Center. Our friend Miss Louisa resigned for personal reasons and Miss Martha took over. We have known Miss Martha for four years as well, as she was also one of the teachers when Wesley attended First Ocala's preschool back in 2009. Thankfully, the first day seemed to go alright today. Wesley practiced tonight for his Friday sight word test tomorrow - play, with, ride and said.  

He's starting to recognize some of his sight words on signs as we drive around town. We've also been reading Dr. Suess' book "Hop on Pop" at night and he can pick out most of his sight words out in there as well.

Parker also has spelling tests on Fridays. We practiced for his tonight too. He has a much harder list of course in third grade, but they are working on certain prefixes this week - mis, over and pre - so at least some of the words are related....misadventure, misfortune, misunderstanding, mishandle, overgrowth, overweight, overreact, preheat, preserve, prejudge.

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