Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Baseball Fever

So our lives for the next few weeks revolve around baseball. 
Tuesday and Thursday nights  - Parker has games.
Wednesday evenings, Wesley has practice for his Saturday morning games. 

Last night was the first game of the season for Parker. 
Our friend Tracy Hunter who is a pastor and serving as an interim in our area for a few months, 
came over for dinner and joined us cheering in the stands. 

Parker got his uniform right before the game and he looked so handsome. 

Parker played right field. He did a good job with his two at bats, just wasn't able to get on base. 
He was definitely excited that the Orioles won 12-2; the officials called it early with the mercy rule. 
Even though it was cold outside, we decided a treat was in order and stopped for yogurt at Peachwave. 
The boys like to sit by themselves - too cool for Mom and Dad already! - 
and were so animated in their conversation together.

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