Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Gift On The Way

There are several organizations in China that help adoptive families send care packages to their children during the wait to go pick them up. We contacted Ann at Red Thread China to send a package to Davis. We selected a photo album with six pictures of us and the house, some candy for him and his foster family, a camera for his foster family to take pictures of them together, and also a package of several toy cars. We were also able to send a 400 word letter and Ann translated it for us, in addition to labeling the pictures in Chinese for us. Ann sent us pictures this morning of our care package all ready to be delivered.

We are hoping to meet Ann in person while we are in Guangzhou. She takes families shopping through the markets for souvenirs and mementos, translating for themand more importantly negotiating prices with shopkeepers.

Now we are just praying and waiting to find out if Davis' orphanage will get the package out to his foster family, so that they will know that he indeed has a family waiting.

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