Thursday, March 21, 2013

Grandma Update

Today my mom had her back surgery - kyphoplasty - to put medical cement in the voids in her back. My Aunt Nancy and Uncle Sparky were with her and they had quite an adventure. Yesterday the surgery was pushed from 7:30am to noon. When they arrived at 10am today to get my mom prepped for surgery, for some reason her surgery had NOT been authorized by her insurance carrier. They wanted to bump her to next week. Because my mom works in HR, she knew some higher ups to contact. After two hours they were finally able to get authorization to proceed. Mom finally went in for her surgery at 2:30pm. By 5:45pm, she was out of recovery and on her way home. I spoke to her about 8pm this evening and she was resting at home and ready for bed after a very long day.

Thank you for your prayers on her behalf. We hope that this surgery will help relieve the constant pain that she has been in.

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